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The Wool and Flax Llama Farm closed in 2009
Llamas were an incredibly rewarding part of our lives for over 14 years. Their intelligence and emotional depth is astounding.
Low Maintenance

Healthy, stoic, and long-lived. Compared to other domestic livestock, llamas are easy keepers.


Llamas attract a lot of attention and usually enjoy participating in outings and fun events.


Llamas were bred to be pack animals. With some simple training, they will carry up to 80 pounds of gear on the trail.

Unique. Powerful. Beautiful.

Llamas will open a new window to adventure.

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Stonehenge Llamas
Margaret is wonderful. so knowledgeable and patient. She is more than willing to help and teach you about llamas.
- Carol Carpenter  |  12 March 2019

Margaret and her husband Ralph also provide clipper blade sharpening at very reasonable pricing. Visit their Facebook page for more information.

ILR - International Llama Registry
The ILR registers llamas and has a show division.
- ALSA  |  Good Show Info

The Show Division sponsors llama shows across the country. ALSA is the older show organization, but both groups colaborate on shows.

LANA, the Llama Assocition of North America, has local chapters of llama owners.

CAL-ILA has merged into LANA to provide a community for llama owners in Northern California.